When I was growing up, my parents told me that sex was an exchange between two people who love each other very much. It was a special gift that you gave to another person, which should hold great value. Through my experiences in life, I’ve come to realize that sex is in fact a wonderful exchange. It just doesn’t necessarily need to be shared between two people who love each other...
Now before you attack me, know that random sex with only a physical connection is not my thing. No. Instead I love to intertwine sex with an exchange of ideas. Baring your inner thoughts to someone before, during, and after you explore their physical being. That, readers, is a magical exchange.

I used to be ashamed of my sexual past. Still, I don’t freely discuss it with my friends because they don’t understand. When I do approach the subject, I get called a man-whore, but I sincerely doubt that they would label me as such if they were a fly on the wall when I engage in sexual activity.

For example, one of my most recent sexual encounters was with a man ten years older than me. He is a constant learner and holds four advanced degrees from universities all over the east coast. Ten months of the year he spends in third-world countries conducting medical research. I was fortunate to catch him during the two months he was in the United States while visiting his parents. We met through one of the gay dating apps and spent four hours together. As the night progressed we explored each other physically (and man did he have a great physique), emotionally, and academically. We covered topics ranging from cheating spouses to genetics and discussed some of our defining moments in life – all while engaging in several rounds of passionate intercourse. He stimulated my mind and body in a way I often long for. It was a fantastic night.

Those are the types of sexual encounters I seek, not some random guy I think is hot. I derive little pleasure from that. It’s kind of like a snack before the main course. Some people may say that if only I would get into a relationship, I could achieve the same stimulation with a monogamous partner. Yes, I used to think that as well, but I find myself getting bored with boyfriends after just two months. When my mind starts to wander, I find it best not to cheat (emotionally or physically) and wind up ending the relationship. I constantly search for a man to teach me something new. Exotic dancers, professional volleyball players, hair dressers, closeted military men, etc.: they have all enhanced my understanding of myself and the world around me in unique ways. We’ve had achieved the wonderful exchange that my parents told me about. I’m not a man-whore. I’m just a man looking to be mentally and sexually stimulated. 

"Red Thunder" is an outgoing, gay, masculine man who would love to find someone to share his life with, but, in the meantime, enjoys life’s little adventures. Not an intellectual, not an activist, but definitely an unashamed flirt, Red Thunder enjoys his life as a 20-something in the 21st century and will tell you any story about his life that you want to hear.

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nice story.


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