In my experience, most men with yellow fever tend to like Asian girls as a whole. As long as you have yellow skin, slightly slanted eyes, and a thin frame, they’re fucking sold. Some men however, have narrowed down their fetish to specific flavors of Asian: with Japanese, Korean, and Pinay being the most sought-after types. 

When I started working at my current club, I made a conscious decision to present myself as half-Japanese and half-Korean, my logic being that I’d be more “exotic" if I could claim two ethnicities as opposed to one. This of course, ended up leading to some pretty interesting conversations, ranging from the face-palmingly racist to the head-scratchingly bizarre.
Example 1:
Customer: Asian male, late-20’s
Him: “So what kind of Asian are you? I’ve been trying to figure it out."
Me: “I’m half-Japanese, half-Korean."
Him: “Oh, that actually makes a lot of sense."
Me: “It does?"
Him: “Yeah, ‘cause on one hand, you’re like this sweet, kinky Japanese schoolgirl…but then on the other hand, you’ve also got this bitchy Korean dominatrix thing going on."

Example 2:
Customer: Asian male, probably Chinese, late-50’s
Him: “So which of your parents was Japanese and Korean?"
Me: “Well, I’m a Sansei on my dad’s side, but my mom was born in Korea."
Him: “Ah, it makes sense that your dad is Japanese. They’re definitely a ‘higher’ race than the Koreans."
He then asked if he could go down on me in the VIP rooms for an extra $100, to which I politely declined.

Example 3:
Customer: Caucasian male, early 40’s
Him: “So where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking."
Me: “I’m half-Japanese and half-Korean."
Him: “Oh, I love Korean women! I think they’re the most beautiful women on earth. My wife’s actually Korean."

Example 4:
Customer: Half-Asian, Half-Caucasian male, early 20’s
Him: “So, um, what kind of Asian are you?"
Me: “I’m half-Japanese, half-Korean."
Him: “Oh wow, so you’re a mix like me! That’s so cool that you’re both."

So what have I learned from all this?

For one, race is definitely a socially created construct: a lens of perception through which we hone in on certain characteristics and personal traits. I’m not actually half-Japanese and half-Korean but the truth of it didn’t matter, because once I planted this idea inside my customers’ heads, they only saw me through stereotypes.

I also learned that for all the racialized sexual politics in a white man’s fetish/"preference" for Asian women, sometimes the most despicable racist misogyny can come from Asian men. I guess this just means that anyone can be a chauvinistic asshole, regardless of the color of their skin! (Hooray.) Not that this excuses white men from doing it. Being objectified as a racial fetish by any man — white, yellow, brown, black, green, whatever — is fucking stupid.

The Honest Stripper is a California-based writer who's never had to starve because she takes her clothes off and dry humps strangers for money; she's also a monthly contributer for The Filthy Freedom Project. When she isn't writing or stripping, she's traveling the world, meeting loads of cool people and getting hyphy at parties. She enjoys baking, being craftsy, playing videogames, subverting the patriarchy, and going on nighttime adventures while under the influence of LSD. You can reach her at

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jayshree sharma
7/28/2013 11:44:26 pm

ur really honest..true, women, no matter what they say or even if clamp their mouth shut, will be sliced off into categories.

7/30/2013 02:48:56 am

always shocking to be fetishized by someone "yellow" like yourself. it speaks to how deeply white patriarchy/white stereotypes are absorbed simply by being born/raised and therefore socialized in 'murica. i had the misfortune of dating a dude of japanese ethnicity (american though) who i later found out had a fetish for vietnamese women. history of dating them, told me hearing me speak vietnamese to MY PARENTS "turned him on", told me i should dress up in ao dai (traditional vietnamese dress) with lingerie on underneath. racial fetishization coming from another asian american/asian comes with an extra layer of irony/hypocrisy

6/23/2014 03:57:41 pm

Show us your tits and shut your mouth. You're a stripper guys just want to fuck you regardless of race u dum biyotch


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