Reality turns to figments of imagination
lubricated through fabricated assimilation
so that public oppressions
are hid through third world dissections
two wrongs make a right
and as long as our morals are in sight
and religious sanctions are tight,
the pains of a people from clashing nations
become rights of passage and nationalistic sensations

it's a 
shame how a nation can be
built on the art of immigration
walls of flesh continue to hinder migration
and claims of reproach and hate cuz our
"jobs they're taken"...
in the land of the free
Liberty comes at a price with
subliminal messages used on our youth to entice
and with our conscious decisions
continually based on religion-
its amazing that our world hasn't previously ended
our world depends on international ignorance
the ones we call Japs, spics, niggers and degenerates
we hide behind our Americanized lives,
forced lies,
and corruption verbalized
so much
even our state of minds
are trained to be Politically Correct...

but i gotta speak my mind cuz
i'm unable to find
Peace in this unrest
and i'm 
unable to mind my business
since these souls i've become
locally affiliated with
through t.v's, radio's, and mp3's
are touching my conscience
through their abomination
simply due to biblical misinterpretation
and since personal progression shields
financial gain
our worlds new obsession becomes
unwarranted assassinations
disguised as meaningful retaliation
and thus our future dependents
become accustomed to dictatorial decisions
and these descendants that pass on false accusations
continue the breakdown of our so-called sister nations
and in a lifetime where
family ties
are strung together by
flags, bibles, and yellow ribbons
man my brothers are gettin' packed off in shipments.
and me?
i blame these democratically elected perpetrators
a.k.a tyrannical terminators
for terminating my self defense in defense of this state
if that's the case
shit i'll resign
but first - i want my piece of the American pie 

Bea Hinton is an intersectional activist, law student and founder of The Filthy Freedom Project, an online community dedicated to promoting open dialogue around issues of sex, sexuality and body image. She blogs about sex(uality), intersectionality and invisibility every other week.  You can catch up on her previous blogs here!  Tweet with her at @IamBeaHinton and @filthyfreedom.  

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